Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pack Searching: Gypsy Queen 2014 MOJO 1/1 Adam Wainwright

I found a Hit from Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball.  I have no clue how much it is worth.  Check it out.

Adam Wainwright
Clear Mini Frame
Serial 1/1
Card No. 168

Another 1/1 from retial.  Which is great.  Comment below, let me know how much you guys think this card is worth.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mail Day: Topps Mailed Kayvon Webster & Denard Robinson Autograph

Today, Topps mailed me my two redemption cards.  One was from Topps Magic 2013 Football and the other one was from Strata 2013 Football.  The Strata 2013 Football redemption was from a hobby box that I bought back when Strata's first came out.  Here is a look at the cards.

First is the redemption card I found from Topps Magic...
Kayvon Webster
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 10

and from the Strata 2013 Football...
Denard Robinson
Clear Cut Rookie Autograph Relic
Card No. CCAR-DR

Pack Searching: Panini Threads 12-13 Basketball Anderson Varejao Relic

I was bored, so I saw these Panini Threads 12-13 Basketball.  They were only for $2.99 each for a Jumbo Packs.  So I searched them and found a relic.  I decided to buy it for fun.  Here is what I pulled.

Anderson Varejao
Auhentic Threads (White)
Card No. 5

Pack Searching: Topps Heritage 2014 Baseball Mike Trout Relic MOJO

I found a Game-Used Memorablilia Hot Pack from Topps Heritage.  I did a quick search and I was thinking about not buying it.  But, good thing I decided to buy it. Check it out.

Mike Trout
Game-Used Memorabilia (Bat Relic)
Card No. CCR-MT

Not bad of a Hit.  

Pack Searching: Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball Value Packs

I found two Value Packs of Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball.  On one Value Pack, I was not sure if the Hit was a relic or an autograph.  So I decided to buy it.  The second Value Pack, I was sure it was a Mini Frame Relic.  I did checked the checklist before I buy it.  I noticed there was no autograph Mini Frame, but I have a very low chance of getting a Mini Frame printing plate.  Or maybe zero percent if printing plate are not packed in retail.  Anyway, here is the relic.

Chris Tillman
Game-Used Memorabilia (RED)
Card No. GQR-CT

and the Mini Frame...
Mike Leake
Mini Frame Game-Used Memorablilia
Card No. GMR-ML

Pack Searching: Upperdeck 2014 Football Robert Herron Rookie Lettermen Autograph

I found two brand new box of Upperdeck 2014 Football.  First pack I grabbed was a Lettermen autograph.  Pretty easy to search.  I started on the next box and I could not find the autograph anywhere.  There was one pack that stand out but I was not sure and did not buy it.  When I got home I did some researched and found out that one pack that I left behind was a autograph pack.  Ohh well, now I know how to search for the autograph.  Check out the Lettermen autograph.

Robert Herron
Rookie Lettermen Autograph
Serial No. 32/75
Card  No. RL-HE

Pack Searching: Topps 2013 Football Autographs

I found three Value Packs of Topps Magic 2013 Football.  All three Value Packs has a autograph in it.  Check them out.

First, I there was Red Mini card along with one autograph inside one packs...
Margus Hunt
Red Mini Card
Serial No. 10/50
Card No. 297

here are the autographs...
Bjoern Werner
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 104

Lonnie Pryor
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 7

BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 214

I found some pretty good hit.  Sad that Topps Magic 2013 are leaving the shelf. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pack Searching: Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball Brandon Maurer Autograph

I found two hot packs of Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball.  One box was brand new and untouch.  I searched through it and found a relic.  I also checked for a autograph but found nothing.  I headed to the next store and found a box of Gypsy Queen 2014.  The packs were all over the place.  I grabbed all the packs and counted them.  All twenty-four packs were still there.  I seached through them and found no relic but I did found a autograph.  Check them out.

Kris Medlen
Game-Used Memorabilia
Card No. GQR-KM

Brandon Maurer
Card No.GQA-BM

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pack Searching: Captain America HeroClix x2

Well, I searched Captain America HeroClix again.  This time I found two more Captain America and Bucky HeroClix.  I liked these too much to not search for them.  And, another reason is that they are right next to all the sport cards.  I just have to search them before I head out.  For $3.50 a pack, I get a $15.00 HeroClix.  I just can't let that go.  Check them out again.

Captain America and Bucky
Item #: 018

Pack Searching: Saban's Power Rangers Megaforce

I found out that Mega Bloks has these lego of Power Rangers Megaforce.  There are eight Micro Figures to collect.  I checked online and there are two figures that are hard to find.  One was the Transparent Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger (Ultra Rare) and the other one was the Might Morphing Red Ranger (Secret Rare).  Both of these worth about $10 each.  Not bad at all, these packs are $2.99.  Check them out.

Another picture with no helmet...
Great looking item.  They are pretty hard to find.  Since these are too easy to search.  I am not sure if anyone here is interested in these.  But I think they are pretty cool.

Pack Searching: Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball Matt Adams Relic

I found a hot pack of Gypsy Queen 2014 Baseball.  This pack was easy to spot.  There was only two cards in the pack.  One mini card and one thick relic card.  Check it out.

Matt Adams
Gypsy Queen Game-Used Memorabilia
Serial No. 02/10
Card No. GMR-MA

Pack Searching: Topps Strata 2013 Football Ryan Swope Autograph

I found a hot pack of Topps Strata 2013 Football.  I have been noticing that pack searcher has stop searching these Topps Strata 2013 Football.  I found a couple hot packs already.  Check out this autograph.

Ryan Swope 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 46

More Ryan Swope autograph in my Autograph Collection Binder.

Panini Contenders 2012 Blaster Box for only $12.99

I was at Target doing some pack searching and I found a Panini Contenders 2012 Football Blaster box for only $12.99.  

Panini Contenders 2012 Blaster Box

I took the wrapper off before I took the picture.  I just can't wait to open the packs.  Here is what I pulled.

Some pretty cool insert cards...
Kendall Wright
Rookie of the Year Contenders Die-Cut
Card No. 5

Eli Manning
MVP Contenders Die Cut
Card No. 14

Joe Montana
Legendary Champions
Card No. 16

Doug Martin
Card No. 9

Gerell Robinson
Rookie Ticket Autograph
Card No. 139

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Topps Platinum 2013 Football Value Pack only $2.99

I was at the cards area today to see if there is anything new.  There was nothing new.  This store has not stock for a while.  While looking around, I spoted some Value Packs of Topps Platinum 2013 Football.  They were priced at $2.99 each.  Each Value Pack were suppose to be $9.99.  So I decided to grab six Value packs.  Took it to the cashier and all the packs ring up $2.99 except for one.  But the cashier change it to $2.99.  Check out the photo.

Six Value Pack of Topps Platinum 2013 Football for only $2.99 each.

Not bad at all.  These Value Packs has three retail pack plus three Topps Platinum Flame Refractor Cards.  I did opened them up.  Here are some cards I think it is worth showing.

First is a base card of...
Russell Wilson
Topps Platium 2013 Base
Card No. 31

Four X-Fractor...
Top: Marcus Lattimore & Tyrone Goard
Bottom:  Mike Gillislee & Robert Woods

Rex Burkhead
Topps Platium Black
Card No. 135

Zeke Motta
Topps Platinum Freeze
Serial: 30/99
Card No. 139

here are the Flame Refractors...
Cardarrelle Patterson
Marcus Lattimore 
Arrthur Brown

Tavon Austin
Terracne Williams
Giovani Bernard

Cobi Hamilton
Rookie Autograph
Card No. A-CH

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pack Searching: Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier HeroClix

I saw these Captain America The Winter Soldier HeroClix next to all the sport cards.  So I opened up my eBay apps in my phone and did a quick search to see which HeroClix is worth searching for.  What I found on eBay was HeroClix of Captain America and Bucky.  That HeroClix was worth about $15-$25 (somewhere around that range).  So I pulled out all the packs and search them.  I found a pack.  I decided to buy it.  I don't mind if I miss because I still have my old collection of HeroClix.  Got to my car and opened it up.  Check it out.

Captain America and Bucky
Item #: 018

Not bad, first time searching and I found it.  Great for my collection.  I will have to give it a try again.  Don't mind picking up more.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Heritage 2014 Baseball Rafael Palmeiro Autograph

Finally, I found another Hit from Topps Heritage 2014 Baseball.  I searched through so many packs and rack packs.  This is just my second Hit from Topps Heritage 2014 Baseball.  Check it out.

Rafael Palmeiro
Topps Certified Autograph Issue
Serial No.  05/65
Card No. ROA-RP