Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pack Searching: Bowman 2014 Baseball Westbrook

On my way back home from work, I decided to drop by Target to pack search.  When I got there, I saw one retail pack of Bowman 2014 Baseball sitting by itself.  I searched the pack and it was a Hit.  I guess I did not have to do much work to find this Hit.  Check it out.

Jamie Westbrook
1st Bowman Autograph
Card No. PA-JW

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Bray & Wilson Autograph

Well, if the Hit from Topps Prime 2013 Football is still in the box, then the Hit from Panini Contenders 2013 Football should still be there. Right?

So I searched Panini Contenders 2013 Football and I did found two autographs.  I guess this store has not been search by pack searcher or maybe the pack searcher are only looking at the new release stuff and don't bother searching the old stuff. Anyway, check out what I found.

Tyler Bray
Rookie Autogarph
Card No. 188

Blidi Wreh-Wilson
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 113

Pack Searching: Topps Prime 2013 Football Justin Hunter Redemption

I found a half full box of Topps Prime 2013 Football.  Most likely the Hit will be gone by now.  Anyway, I got bored and I searched the packs.  Check out what I found.

Justin Hunter
Auto Relic Prime V Redemption Card
Card No. PV-JH

I guess I got lucky that the Hit was still in the box.

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2014 Football Value Pack Autographs

Well, I back again with more Topps Magic 2013 Football.  I found four more autographs from Topps Magic 2013 Value Packs.  Not a bad find, but I have already pulled most of these autographs.  Check it out.

my second...
Johnathan Hankins
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 120

my second...

Onterio McCalebb
Magic Autograph Redemption
Card No. 19

my second...
Sharrif Floyd
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 191

Xavier Rhodes
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 183

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pack Searching: Prizm Draft Picks 2013 Redemption cards

I found more redemption card from Prizm Perennial Draft Picks 2013.  

Franciso Sosa
Redemption Autograph Card
Card No. 69

Rainy Lara
Blue Prizm Redemption Autogarph Card
Card No. 73

Mail Day: Prizm Draft Pick 2013

Today I recieved five mails from Panini.  I opened it up and it was my redemption from Prizm Draft Picks 2013.  I have been waiting for these for a while now finally they're here.  Check them out.

Miguel Almonte
Red Prizm Autograph
Serial No. 013/100 & 008/100
Card No. 82

Francisco Sosa
Green, Red, and Base Autograph
Red Serial No. 037/100
Card No. 69

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pack Searching: World of Warcraft Crown of the Heavens MOJO HIT

I found some old World of WarCraft Crown of the Heavens packs at Target.  I believed that Blizzard has stop printing World of WarCraft Trading Card.  I heard this from a couple of friends who used to play this game.  But for me, I am buying these packs for the Loot cards.  Anyway, I found two Hot Packs.  Check out what came out of these packs.

Magical Ogre Idol
Crown Loot 2/3

Corrupted Hippogryph
Crown Loot 3/3

The Corrupted Hippogryph is now at $175.00 on eBay and the Magical Ogre Idol is around $30 .00 to $35.00. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football More Autographs HIT

Well, it has been a couple of weeks and there are not much to search.  But I have been finding a couple HIT from Topps Magic 2013 Football.  I just can't wait for WWE 2014 Chrome and Score 2014 Football to come out.  Anyways, here are the Hit I found in Topps Magic 2013 Football.

Jonathan Dwyer
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 208

Shawn Williams
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 166

Onterio McCalebb
Redemption Card
Card No. #19

Sharrif Floyd
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 191

Danny Amendola
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 119