Monday, March 31, 2014

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Football Three Autographs

Panini Contenders 2013 Football has been out for a while now.  It is harder and harder to find a hit.  I only found three autographs.  Check them out.

Cornellius Carradine 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 123

Nick Moody 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 199

Chris Harper
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 118

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Strata 2013 Football Three Autographs

I found three autographs from Topps Strata 2013 Football.  Two were from retail packs and one from a blaster box.  Check them out.

Tyler Eifert
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 38

Vance McDonald
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 13

and from the Blaster box...........
Johathan Dwyer
Strata Autograph
Serial No. 39/75
Card No. 163

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football Four Autographs + One Redemption

I was out of town for the weekend to visit my family.  On the way there, I dropped by a couple of Targets.  There was ton of Press Pass 2014 Football and Topps Heritages 2014 Baseball.  But I found no Hit from any of the packs.  I searched Topps Magics, Stratas, and Contenders 2013 Football.  I did found some Hit from those.  I even checked a some Strata blaster and found a Hit.  Most of the Topps Magic 2013 Football autographs are from the Value Packs.  Check out the Topps Magic 2013 Football Hit.

Luke Joeckel
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 95

Rodney Smith
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 156

Jordan Poyer
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 215

John Jenkins
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 62

Jordan Reed
Redemption Card Autograph
Card No. 127

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mail Day: Justin Hunter Spectrum Autographs

Today I recieved a mail from Panini America.  Check it out.

Justin Hunter
Spectrum Autograph (Red)
Serial No. 02/30
Card No. 148

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps 2014 Baseball Series 1

I was at Target to get some stuff, but ended up at the cards section.  There was nothing left to search except for Topps 2014 Baseball Series 1.  So I decided to search those packs.  First pack was a Hit.  Someone found the relic and left it there.   I searched a couple more pack and found nothing.  So I decided to buy the relic hot pack.  Check it out.

Jhonny Peralta
Game-Used Memorabilia
Card No. TR-JPE

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Heritage 2014 Baseball Jake Odorizzi Autograph

Topps Heritage 2014 Baseball just came out.  I went out and try to search for my first hot pack.  I went to two different stores and I finally found a Hit.  Check it out.

Jake Odorizzi
Red Autograph
Serial No. 34/65
Card No. ROA-JO

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football Value Pack Chris Thompson Autograph

I found another Hot Pack of Topps Magic Value Pack.  Check out what I pulled.

Chris Thompson
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 118

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pack Searching: Press Pass 2014 AJ McCarron Autograph MOJO

There was a brand new box of Press Pass 2014 Football.  I searched through the box and found one Hot Pack.  I knew who was in the pack.  Check it out.

AJ McCorron
Red Autograph
Serial No. 3/5
Card No. PPS-AJM

Just WOW, another Mojo hit from retial.  Just hope he will become a star.

Pack Searching: Panini Donruss 2014 Baseball Andrew McCutchen Game Gear

I found a brand new box of Panini Donruss 2014 Baseball at Target.  I did a quick search for a relic.  Then I tried to search for the autograph.  I did found the relic but there is no sign of a autograph.  I was not sure if there is a autograph in the box.  For retial, most of the time when there is a relic then there will be no autograph.  So I bought the relic hot pack.  Check it out.

Andrew McCutchen
Game Gear
Card No. 31

Pack Searching: Panini Prizm Draft Picks 2013 Baseball

I dropped by a target for a quick search.  Everything was searched and I only found a hot pack of Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks.  Here is what I pulled.

Dustin Peterson
Prospect Signatures Green Prizms
Card No. 13

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 CM Punk WWE Championship Commemorative Plate

I found another WWE 2014 Hot Pack.  This time it was a CM Punk WWE Championship Commemorative Championship Plate.  Check it out.

CM Punk
WWE Championship
Commemorative Championship Plate

Pack Searching: NBA Hoops 2013-14 Rudy Gobert Autograph

Here is what I pulled out of the NBA Hoops 2013-14 Hot Pack.  

Rudy Gobert
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 80/99
Card No. 187

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013-14 Basketball Three Autographs

I found four packs of Prestige 2013-14 Basketball.  Three were autographs and one pack was nothing.  I guess there is time when you will miss.  I knew I was not 100% sure if that pack was a autograph or not.  But I bought it anyway.  Check out the three autographs I found.

Marquis Daniels
Bonus Shots Autograph
Card No. 13

C.J. Miles
Bonus Shot Autograph
Card No. 14

Richard Jefferson 
Bonus Shots Autograph
Serial No. 25/25
Card No. 76

Pack Searching: Garbage Pail Kids Brent Engstrom Artist Autograph

I like looking for autograph and skatch card from Garbage Pail Kids.  The problem is they do take a lot of time and they are not gurentee in every store.  I used so much time and this is only my second Hot Pack.  Check out what I pulled.

Brent Engstrom
Artist Autograph

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Tyler Bray Autograph

I found a Score 2013 Football Hot Pack.  Pulled a autograph.  Check it out.

Tyler Bray
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 432

Pack Searching: Topps Strata 2012 Blaster Box Melvin Ingram Autograph

I found a Topps Strata 2012 Football Blaster Box for only $12.99.  Check it out.

Topps Strata
7 Packs Plus 1 Extra Pack
6 Cards Per Pack
48 Total Cards 

I did pulled a Autograph from this blaster box.  Check it out.

Melvin Ingram
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 062/150
Card No. RA-MI

Pack Searching: Topps 2013 Football Eli Manning Captain Patch

I found one Hot Pack of Topps 2013 Football.  Not a bad hit.  Check it out.

Eli Manning Giants
Captian Patch
Serial No. 35/99
Card No. NCP-EM

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pack Searching: Contenders 2011 Football Blaster Box Ahmad Black Autograph

I found a blaster Box of Playoff Contenders 2011 Football for $11.99.  Here is a photo of the blaster box.

5 Packs Per Box and 5 Cards Per Pack.  One Autograph per box.  Not bad for $11.99.

Here is the autograph:
Ahmad Black
Rookie Ticket Autograph
Card No. 104

Ahmad Black was released by the Buccaneers in October 2013.  Lets just hope he land on another team.  Overall, I think it is not a bad pulled, since I did missed out on 2011 rookies autograph.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 Renee Young Autograph & More

The main reason for this road trip was for Topps WWE 2014.  Instead, I only found four Hot Packs.  These WWE 2014 are too easy to search, so I was not surprised that all the packs were search.  Here is what I found.

Brodus Clay
Two Color Authentic Event-Worn Shirt Relic (Black & Orange)

Team Hell No
WWE Tage Team Championship
Commemorative Championship Plate

Daniel Bryan
Authentic Event-Worn Shirt Relic (Black)

Renee Young
Rookie Authentic Autograph

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Football Mike Glennon Mojo Hit

On my road trip, I found tons of Panini Contenders 2013 Football Hot Pack.  Most of them are from Value Packs.  Here is what I found.

Cobi Hamilton
Short Print Rookie Autograph 
Card No. 120

Zach Sudfeld 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 200

Ryan Griffin
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 179

Jack Doyle
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 193

Chris Harper
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 118

Cierre Wood
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 121

Mike Glennon
Short Print On Card Rookie Autograph
Card No. 228

Another MOJO Hit from retail. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football Value Pack Drew Brees MOJO HIT

I did found autographs from Topps Magic 2013 Football Value Packs.  Did hit a huge MOJO card.  If you check my Youtube Channel, you will see the pack opening video.  Here are my HITS:

Tyler Bray
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 73

Nico Johnson
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 8

Datone Jones
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 96

Jesse Williams
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 197

Jamar Taylor
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 203

Drew Brees
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 125

Retail Pack has been doing good to me.  I have been hitting great cards from retail.  As of now, retail is where I will be buying my cards.  But I am thinking about getting some Hobby box because the price of Hobby box for Football 2013 has drop.  Keep checking back for more and maybe one day I will post a Hooby box break on here.

Pack Searching: Road Trip

It is the weekend and I decided to take a pack searching road trip.  New Topps WWE 2014 has hit retail store everywhere.  This product has been *HOT* that even the hobby box has gone up on price.  I have planned a map of which store I will be hitting up.  I even figured out the fast way so I can hit up as much stores as possible.  Planning your day is alway a good idea.  I even planned on which product I will be searching.  Glad I did, check out all the stuff I found.

I found so many good stuff.  I will be opening all the packs, so check back for the HIT.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt

I found two hot pack of WWE 2014.  I found one autograph and one relic from the Value Packs.  Still learning how to find autograph from retial pack.  Check it out.

Daniel Bryan 
United States Championship

Bray Wyatt
Rookie Autograph