Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pack Searching: Rookies & Stars 2014 Football Autographs

I stopped by my local stores to check on some football cards.  Lucky me, when I arrived at the trading cards area I noticed that there was a brand new box of Rookies & Stars 2014 Football.  I did a quick search for the relic but I found no relic.  So, I started to search for the autograph.  After I found the autograph from the box, I searched the Value Packs and found another hit.  Check out the cards.

Michael Campanaro
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 172

Shayne Skov
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 183

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps 2014 Arian Foster Relic

I found my first Topps 2014 Football Hot Pack.  I have missed out on searching Topps 2014 Football. Check out what I found.

Arian Foster
Topps 2014 Relic
Card No. TR-AF

Mail Day: USA Baseball Champions 2013 Robbie Grossman

I recieved two cards from Panini today.  What a long wait to get a redemption card.  Check it out.

Robbie Grossman
Stars & Stripes
Serial No. 169/999 & 170/999
Card No. RGR

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 Triple H World Heavyweight Championship

I was surpirsed that I found two Hot Packs from WWE 2014 Trading Card.  I don't know why these hit are still on the in the store.  Is the pack searcher not searching old stuff anymore?  Anyway, check out what I found.

Daniel Bryan
Authentic Event-Worn Shirt Relic

Triple H
World Heavyweight Championship
Commemorative Championship Plate

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pack Searching: Allen & Ginter 2014 Relics

Allen & Ginter 2014 has been out for a couple of weeks now and I have been too busy to pack search.  I did found some hit, but no autogarph yet.  Usually by now, I would have found some autographs.  But, I have been busy and everytime I am at store the packs are already been searched.   Anyway, check out what I found so far.

Brian McCann
Game-Used Memorabilia
Card No. FSR-BM

Prince Fielder
Game-Used Memorabilia
Card No. FSR-PF

Clayton Kershaw
Game Used Memorabilia
Card No. FRB-CK

Mike Pereira
Two Color Used Memorabilia (White & Black)
Card No. FSR-MP

Fields of Yore
Stadium Used Memorabilia
Serial No. 118/250
Card No. FOYR-SP

Pack Searching: Captain American The First Avengers

I was at the Dollar Store getting some random stuff.  I checked the trading cards at the Dollar Store and found some Captain America The First Avenger packs.  I searched through them and found a relic.  Check it out.

Captain America
Movie Patch

Not a bad Hit for just $1.00.  I did checked another Dollar Store in town but did not find any hit.