Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pack Searching: Bowman 2015 Football 6 HOT PACKS

Happy July 4th everyone,  

Well, I did found six Hot Packs from Bowman 2015 Football.  Found these while I was out looking for some stuff that I need for my new business.  These Hits are all from the Value Pack! because Value Pack! cost more but eaiser to search.  It only take me like ten second or less to search each pack.   Check out what I found.

Tre Mason
Authentic Memborabilia (White)
Card No. BR-TM

Jamison Crowder
Rookie Autograph
Card No. RCRA-JC

Landon Collins
Rookie Autograph

Brandon Scherff
Rookie Autograph
Card No. RCRA-BS

P.J. Williams
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 92/99
Card No. RCRA-PW

Jay Ajayi
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 32/99
Card No. RCRA-JA

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pack Searching: Panini Threads 2014-15 T.J. Warren Signage

Basketball season is over and Congrats to the Golden State Warriors for taking the Championship home.  Anyway, here is a autograph that I pulled the other day from Panini Threads 2014-15 Basketball.  Nothing much but still a Rookie Signage Autograph.  

T.J. Warren 
Rookie Signage
Card No. 6

Pack Searching: Panini Americana 2015

I finally found a couple autographs from Panini Americana 2015.  This product you can get autograph from Actors, Actress, Entertainer, Rapper, and many more.  Check out what I found.

Patti Stanger
Entertainer Autogragph

Rev Run
Rapper Autograph

Bela Lugosi
Actor Star Materials 

Pack Searching: Wacky Packages 2015 Series 1

Wacky Packages 2015 is out.  These are very easy to find because you can see what is inside the pack.  But, there are not many out there or by the time you get to the packs, someone already found the Hit before you do.  These sketch cards are pretty cool.  Check them out.

Run Tony
One-of-a-Kind Sketch Card

Mountain Goo
One-of-a-Kind Sketch Card

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pack Searching: Topps Archives 2015 Baseball Printing Plate MOJO

Topps Archives 2015 Baseball is out.  Well, I don't like to pack search Topps Archives because most of the time I won't find anything.  But, I decided to search them anyway.  Topps Archives is the only set that came out this week and that is only the set left that I have not search.  While searching through a couple of packs I noticed a Hit.  I could not believe what I found.  I double checked a couple of time and knew it was a Printing Plate.  Check out what I found.

Chris Archer
Tampa Bau Rays
Cyan Printing Plate
One-Of-A-Kind Collectible
Topps Archives Baseball 2015
Card No. 294

Not a bad Hit out of retail pack.  Keep checking back for more cool stuff.  Also you can check the pack opening video on YouTube. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Pack Searching: Score 13-14 Hockey Ryan Spooner Autograph

Everytime I am at a new location I always check the old packs.  There are some packs that I know most pack searcher don't know how to search.  How do I know that? Well, everytime I searched those packs, I always find a autograph.  One of those packs are Score 2013-14 Hockey.  Score 2013-14 Hockey has tons of autograph in them and very easy to search.  Check out what I found.

Ryan Spooner
Hot Rookies Autograph
Card No. 607

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pack Searching: Bowman 2015 Baseball 3 More Autographs

I found more hot pack of Bowman 2015 Baseball.  Not much to say about these packs.  They are not the best set in my opinion.  But here are the autographs.

Andrew Triggs
Topps Certified Autograph Issue
Card No. PA-AT

Luis Guillorme
Topps Certified Autograph Issue
Card No. PA-LG

Jason Wheeler
Topps Certified Autograph Issue
Card No. PA-JW