Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pack Searching: Bowman 2015 Football 6 HOT PACKS

Happy July 4th everyone,  

Well, I did found six Hot Packs from Bowman 2015 Football.  Found these while I was out looking for some stuff that I need for my new business.  These Hits are all from the Value Pack! because Value Pack! cost more but eaiser to search.  It only take me like ten second or less to search each pack.   Check out what I found.

Tre Mason
Authentic Memborabilia (White)
Card No. BR-TM

Jamison Crowder
Rookie Autograph
Card No. RCRA-JC

Landon Collins
Rookie Autograph

Brandon Scherff
Rookie Autograph
Card No. RCRA-BS

P.J. Williams
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 92/99
Card No. RCRA-PW

Jay Ajayi
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 32/99
Card No. RCRA-JA

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