Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pack Searching: Gypsy Queen 2015 Baseball

I don't think you guys will see much of this product from me this year.  I was one day late and everything has been searched.  Seem like pack searcher very love this product.  I think I know how to search those on card autograph, but that will take way too much time and I never know if the box has a relic (that was already taken by another pack searcher) or not.  So, I might just check the Value Pack or move on to another product.  

Here is one hit that I found so far.

Clayton Kershaw
Game-Used Memorabilia
Card No. GMR-CK

Pack Searching: Panini Threads 2014-15 Three Autographs

Panini Threads 2014-15 is here and is almost gone.  Everywhere has been searched and no more hit as been found.  But, lucky for me I found three more hot packs.  Nothing much but check them out.

Julius Randle 
Rookie Signage
Card No. 29

Johnny O'Bryant
Rookie Signage
Card No. 14

Doug McDermott
Rookie Signage
Card No. 28

Pack Searching: Topps Finest 2014 MOJO HIT

Well, Topps Finest 2014 Football HOBBY Pack has been in my local retail store.  They were sealed in a Value Pack with two Topps Finest 2014 Football pack.  Pretty easy to pack search since there is no decoy.  The only problem about this item is that it cost $15.99 for only two pack.  I ended up buying three because I can't just leave the hit sitting around.  Plus, I am so excited about searching Hobby Pack I don't even care about how much it cost.  Also, my local Hobby Shop won't let us pack search their packs.  So I spend $45 on three Value Packs.  Check out what I pulled.

There was six packs total.  Three other packs was nothing, but here are the three Hits.

Tom Savage
Rookie Player Worn Memorabilia Autograph
Serial No. 13/50
Card No. AJR-TS

Terrance West
Rookie Player Worn Memorabilia Autograph
Serial No. 72/99

Johnny Manziel
Rookie Player-Worn Memorabilia Autograph (Pulsar Refractors)
Serial No. 03/25
Card No. AJR-JMA

These cards look so nice looking.  I might have to go out and search for more.  
Keep checking back for more.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pack Searching: Panini Threads 12-13 & 14-15

I went out to check and see what was release.  When I arrived, there was nothing new.  They stocked some old NBA Panini Threads 12-13.  Since I was there, I decided to gave it a search.  Couple packs later I found the hit.  Then I decided to search the Panini Thread 2014-15 incase someone left something behind.  Lucky for me, the autograph is still there.  Check it out.

From Panini Threads 2012-13...
Mike Scott
On Card Autograph
Card No. 243

From Panini Threads 2014-15
Adreian Payne
Rookie Signage Autograph
Card No. 23