Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pack Searching: The Twilight Saga New Moon

I kept seeing these Twilight Saga trading card in the bargain bin at Target and Shopko for only $0.99 each.  So I did some research and there are autograph in these pack.  I took my time learning how to search and now I found my first autograph out of The Twilight Saga Saga New Moon.  Check it out.

Charlisle Cullen
The Twilight Saga 
New Moon Autograph

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pack Searching: World of WarCraft Reign of Fire & Crown of the Heavens

I found more Loot Card from Reign of Fire.  Out of all the World of WarCraft set, I think Reign of Fire is one of the most easiest pack to search for Loot Card.  Here is what I pulled.

The Footstep of Illidan
Illidan Loot 1/3

The other Loot Card was found in the bargain bin.  Found it out of a older set called Crown of the Heavens.  Check it out. 

Vicious Grell
Crown Loot 1/3

Bargain bin are easier to search because they are not seal will a plastic cover.  These are still some pretty good find.

Pack Searching: Panini Prizm Baseball

What surprised me was that I found a autograph from Panini Prizm 2012.  These packs were on the shelf for over a couple of months and are by far the easiest pack to search.  I was bored and decided to search through a box of Panini Prizm 2012.  The box was half full and has been search multiple times.  I can tell because you can see through the pack and all packs with the color card are together.  Plus all the packs was put sideway.  But I guess they still miss the autograph.  Check out the front and back of this autograph.

Wade Davis
Panini Prizm Autograph
Card No. WD

Pack Searching: Score 13-14 Hockey HOT Rookies Autograph

Score 13-14 Hockey Autograph is by far one of the hardest pack to find autograph.  While searching it, I kept thinking to myself if it is a autograph or not.  But now I found my third Score 13-14 Hockey Autograph.  I did buy like five packs total and I have pulled three autographs.  One pack was to see what the insert look like and one other pack was a miss.  Check out what I pulled.

Charliee Coyle (Minnesota Wild)
Score 13-14 HOT Rookies Autograph
Card No. 609


Pack Searching: Prestige 2013 Gamers

I found a DeSean Jackson Gamers Jersey Relic.  The only thing I don't like about his card is that the jersey is white.

DeSean Jackson
Prestige 2013 Gamers Relic (White)

I was looking for the autograph from these Prestige 2013 pack, but there was none.

Pack Searching: Bargain Bin Find - Relic

I found two UD Game Jerseys from the bargain bin.  These are pretty easy to find because there is no decoy in these pack.

Zack Greinke
UD Game Jersey (Blue)
Card No. UDGJ-ZG

Johan Santana
UD Game Jersey (White)
Card No. UDGJ-JS

Pack Searching: Bargain Bin 2007 Upperdeck Future Star Rocky Cherry Autograph

I found another autograph from the bargain bin. Check it out:

Rocky Cherry
Future Stars Clear Path to Greatness Rookie Autograph
Card No.165

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Jasper Collins

I found a Jasper Collins Autograph from a retail pack.  I thought these autograph would be long gone since these Score 2013 Football was on the shelf for a while.  But check it out.

Jasper Collins (Wide Receiver)
Score 2013 Rookie Autograph
Card No. 372

Pack Searching: Bowman Chrome 2013 Football Three Autograph

Found three autographs from Bowman Chrome 2013 Football. One from a retail pack and two from value packs.

Damontre Moore
Bowman Chrome 2013 Autograph

Marcus Lattimore
Bowman Chrome 2013 Autograph

Evan Jacobsen
NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Autograph
Card No. 25

Now I have tons of these autograph in my binder.  Hope to find more before these are gone.

Pack Searching: Score 13-14 Hockey Stefan Elliott Autograph

I found my second Score 13-14 Hockey Autograph.  Check it out:

Stefan Etlliott
Score 13-14 Signatures 
Card No. SS-SE

Still learning how to search these.  Hope I can find a autograph in a value pack.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pack Searching: WWE Dog Tags John Cena & CM Punk **HOT**

As the title said, I did pulled a John Cena & CM Punk Ring Side Relic.  What a HOT pull.  These two guys don't sign autograph for stuff like this.  So the closest way to get something from them is the relic.  Check it out on how cool these look.

CM Punk's Ring Side Shirt (Yellow)

John Cena Ring Side Shirt (3 Color)

Just WOW, the CM Punk is only a yellow color shirt but it is still pretty cool.  But if you check out John Cena Ring Side Shirt, it is a piece where the writing is at.  These are rare to find because most of the time the relic is just one color.

I also pulled two Sin Cara Ring Side Shirt.

Sin Cara Ring Side Shirt (Black and White)

Sin Cara Ring Side Relic (White & Red)

These are pretty nice too.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pack Searching: World of WarCraft Reign of Fire Landro's Gift

I found two more World of WarCraft Loot cards.  Check them out.

Landro's Gift x2
Wrathgate Loot 1/3

Both are the same card.  Sell around $10 each. Not bad.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pack Searching: WWE Dog Tags Ring Side Relic

Here are the WWE Dog Tags.

Tamina Snuka
WWE Dog Tag Autograph

Daniel Bryan 
Ring Side Relic Shirt (Dark Red)

Ring Side Relic Shirt (Black)

Brodus Clay
Ring Side Relic Shirt (Red)

Wade Barrett
Ring Side Relic Shirt (Black)

Only one autograph. 

Pack Searching: World of Warcraft Reign of Fire Loot Cards

So I found two World of WarCraft Reign of Fire packs that contain a Loot card.  These packs are new, I have not seem these pack before but I know how to search for Loot cards.  This is what I pulled.

Drums Loot 1/3

Thunderhead Hippogryph
Azeroth Loot 2/3

If you are new to World of WarCraft, these are Loot card.  Loot cards has these scratch off thing on the card.  Most of them are price around $5 to $20.  And there are some are as much as $200.  

Pack Searching: Bargain Bin 2007 Future Stars Baseball Autograph

Out of the bargain bin, I found one autograph from 2007 Future Stars Baseball.

Sean Henn
Clear Path to Greatness Autograph
Card No. 107

Great find out of a bargain bin.  It is also a rookie card.

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Another Dennis Johnson

Out of the Score 2013, I pulled another Dennis Johnson autograph. The last one was green and now I have a purple.  Check it out.

Dennis Johnson
Score 2013 Rookie Autograph Purple
Card No.359

And I also found a Julio Jones Relic card.
Julio Jones
Future Franchise Fabrics (Black)
Card No. FR-JJ

Both are pretty sweet card.

Pack Searching: USA Baseball Champions 9 Autographs

There was so many USA Baseball Champions boxes at those Targets and Shopko.  There was like two to three boxes each.  I found like one to two autograph in each stores.  With the total of eight autographs and one redemption card.  Check it out.

David Berg 
USA Baseball Champions Autograph Serial 053/299 
Card No. 1

Kyle Farmer
USA Baseball Champions Autograph Serial 022/299
Card No. 7

Chris Okey
USA Baseball Champions Autograph Serial 238/299
Card No. 37

Nick Delmonico
USA Baseball Champions Stars and Stripes Autograph
Card No. 34

Joey Gallo
Stars & Stripes Autograph Serial 253/400
Card No. JYG

Joey Gallo (Two copy of this card)
Stars & Stripes Autograph Serial 356/400
Card No. JYG

Sean Coyle
Stars & Stripes Autograph Serial 109/750
Card No. CYL

Matt Lipka
Stars & Stripes Autograph Serial 195/973
Card No. LPK

Jameson Taillon
Stars & Stripes Autograph Serial 521/800
Card No. TAI

There was no Relic in any of the boxes.  Keep checking back for mail day of the redemption card.