Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pack Searching: WWE Best of WWE First Ever 1 of 1 Printing Plate

I went to Wal-Mart to check on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.  There was none, so I email a buddy of mine and he told me he bought it all.  There was no Panini Contenders 2013 Football either.  So I checked Best of WWE and found a pack that seem different from all the other packs.  I searched and noticed that it was a printing plate (NICE).  All printing plate I seen are 1 of 1.  Check it out.

Randy Orton Defeats Alberto Del Rio In a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Magenta Printing Plate
Serial No. 1 of 1
Card No. 59

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Football 8 Autograph

I found eight hot packs of Panini Contenders 2013 Football.  Most of these autograph are from the Value Packs. Check them out.

2x D.J. Hayden
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 125
Ray Graham (Two different picture) (One is Short Print)
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 174

Spencer Warre
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 184

Zach Sudfeld
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 200

C.J. Anderson
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 116

Aaron Mellette
Rookie Tickets
Card No.101
(Hope this is a Autograph. It just stated Rookie Tickets.)

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Rodney Smith BLUE

I searched Score 2013 Football everytime I am at Wal-Mart.  Just because they are 25% off and only $3.73 for a Value Pack.  Not bad for a Value Pack and not bad at all if you get a hit.  Check it out.

Rodney Smith
2013 Rookie Autograph
Card No. 419

Pack Searching: Prizm 2013 Baseball Pete Kozma Redemption #2

I found another Pete Kozma Autograph Redemption card.  If you check my mail day post, there should be a mail day on the first redemption card.  Check out this redemption card.

Pete Kozma
Autographs and Rookie Autographs
Card No. 42

Pack Searching: Prizm 2013-14 Basketball Allan Houston Red Autograph

I found a brand new box of Prizm 2013-14 Basketball.  I was glad that the box has a autograph in it.  Most of the time they don't.  Check out the card.

Allan Houston 
Prizm RED Autograph
Serial No. 42/49
Card No. 179

Pack Searching: Prizm 2013-14 Hockey Two Hot Pack

I found two hot pack of Prizm 2013-14 Hockey.  These used to be pretty hard to find autograph.  I remember some box don't even have a autograph in them.  Check it out.

Alexander Burmistrov
Prizm Autograph
Card No. A-BV

Justin DiBenedetto
Prizm Autograph
Card No. A-JD

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football 4 Hits

I found four more Hits from Topps Magic 2013 Football.  I found one from the Value Pack that contains three packs.  Those are harder to search for autograph this year because they put three packs together.  Check out the cards.

2x John Simon
Topps Magic Rookie Autograph 
Card No. 72

Jamar Taylor
Topps Magic Rookie Autograph
Card No. 203

Earl Thomas
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 102

Pack Searching: Three Hot Pack of Topps 2013 Football

I found three Hot Packs of Topps 2013 Football.  These packs were out for a while now and there are still hits in stores.  I knew that two packs will contains something for my collection.  Check them out.

E.J. Manuel
Authentic Memorabilia (Blue)
Card No. TR-EJM

Jerome Bettis
Topps Legendary Club 1000 Yards (Coin)
Serial No. 3/75
Card No. LC-JB

Dwayne Allen
Topps All-Star Rookies
Serial No. 27/99
Card No. ASR-DA

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Football Six More Hot Pack

Finally, my local Target has stocked some Panini Contenders.  There was two boxes and I did found four autogarphs.  I also found two more from the Value Packs.  I was looking at the blaster but I decided not to buy them.  Twenty dollar seem too much to take a chance for just one autogarph.  There was also a box of Topps Magic 2013 Football.  I did found a autograph from it, but will post it up later.  Here is what I pulled.

C.J. Anderson
Rookies Autograph
Card No. 116

D.J. Hayden
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 125

Kevin Minter
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 156

Eric Fisher
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 138

B.J. Daniels 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 109

Spencer Ware
Rookie Autograph
Card No.184

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pack Searching: Upperdeck Hockey 2013-14 Series 1 Alex Galchenyuk

I found one hot pack of Upperdeck Hockey 2013-14 Series 1.  Check it out.

Alex Galchenyuk
Young Guns
Card No. 203

Pack Searching: Prizm Draft Picks Aaron Blair Autograph

I found one more pack of Panini Prizm Draft Picks 2013 Baseball.  Check it out.

Aaron Blair
Prospect Signatures (Green)
Card No. 40

Pack Searching: Panini Prizm 2013 Basketball Kenyon Martin Autograph

Finally, I found an autograph from Prizm 2013 Basketball.  I have gone through so many brand new boxes and only found two.  Now I finally found one more.  Check it out.

Kenyon Martin
Prizm Red Autograph
Serial No. 51/99
Card No. 73

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013-14 Basketball Bonus Shots MOJO

I found more Hot Pack of Prestige 2013-14 Basketball.  This time I pulled a card with the lowest serial number I have ever pulled.  Check it out.

DeSagana Diop
Bonus Shots Autograph
Card No. 2

Ish Smith
Bonus Shots Autograph
Card No. 9

And for the card with the lowest Serial No.

Michael Cage
Bonus Shots Autograph
Serial No. 09/10
Card No. 100

Pack Searching: Best of WWE AJ Lee Shirt Relic & Alberto Del Rio

I found two hot pack of Best of WWE.  Somehow I could not find the autograph.  Check out both relic.

Alberto Del Rio
WrestleMania Authentic Mat Relic

AJ Lee
Authentic Shirt Relic (BLACK, YELLOW, & ORANGE)

Pack Searching: Topps Prime Quinton Patton Quad Jersery

Some reason something was telling me to check Topps Primes 2013 Football.  So I did a quick search and found a relic.  Check it out.

Quinton Patton
Quad Relic (RED & WHITE)
Serial No. 24/75
Card No. QR-QP

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013 Football Arthur Brown Autograph

I found an autograph from Prestige 2013 Football.  Yes, I still search these once in a while.  You never know if they restock new packs or not.  Check it out.

Arthur Brown
Extra Points Autograph
Card No. 297

Pack Searching: Strata MOJO HIT Autogarph

I found three full boxes of Strata 2013 Football.  I did found three autographs.  These are some great autographs.  Check them out.

Chris Harper
Strata Rookie Autograph
Card No. 54

Giovani Bernard
Bronze Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 037/150
Card No. 17

Brent Celek
Green Autograph
Serial No. 47/50
Card No. 161

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football

After searching Panini Contenders, I found a full box of Topps Magic 2013 Football.  Last year, when I started my pack search I started out searching and learning it on Topps Magic 2012 Football.  They were the first pack I found a autograph.  This year they change it up a bit and it did took me a while to find the first autogarph.  Check out what I pulled.

D.J. Hayden
Topps Magic Rookie Autograph
Card No. 151

Johnathan Hankins
Topps Magic Rookie Autograph
Card No. 120

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Nine Autographs

Finally, opened all my packs.  I have been waiting for Panini Contenders to come out for over a week.  I knew that it will be easy to search them.  I found six retail packs and three Value Packs.  Check out what I pulled.

2x Cobi Hamilton
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 120

Nick Kasa
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 171

Michael Ford
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 198

Latavius Murray
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 158

Zach Sudfeld 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 200

B.J. Daniels
Rookie Autograph
Card No.109

Jamar Taylor
Rookie Autogarph
Card No. 141

Jack Doyle
Rookie Autogarph
Card No. 193

Road Trip: Tons of cool stuff + Panini Contenders Hot Pack

I was out of town for a event.  In between the event I did some pack search.  I found a store with tons of new stuff.  Check back for opening later.  But check out what I found.