Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pack Searching: Topps Archives 2015 Baseball Printing Plate MOJO

Topps Archives 2015 Baseball is out.  Well, I don't like to pack search Topps Archives because most of the time I won't find anything.  But, I decided to search them anyway.  Topps Archives is the only set that came out this week and that is only the set left that I have not search.  While searching through a couple of packs I noticed a Hit.  I could not believe what I found.  I double checked a couple of time and knew it was a Printing Plate.  Check out what I found.

Chris Archer
Tampa Bau Rays
Cyan Printing Plate
One-Of-A-Kind Collectible
Topps Archives Baseball 2015
Card No. 294

Not a bad Hit out of retail pack.  Keep checking back for more cool stuff.  Also you can check the pack opening video on YouTube. 

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