Monday, September 30, 2013

Pack Searching: Prizm 2013 Baseball Ivan Nova Redemption Autograph

Today I found another autograph from Prizm 2023 Baseball. Check it out. 

Ivan Nova
Rookies Autograph Redemption
Card No. 80

Keep checking back for mail day. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pack Searching: Yugioh - Bargain Box

I found more Hot Pack of Yugioh from the hanging box.  Check it out.

Rescue Rabbit (Secret), Shard of Greed (Secret), Trial and Tribulation (Secret)
Heroic Champion - Excalibur (Ultra), Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon (Ultimate), Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh (Ultra)

Pack Searching: Topps 2013 Football DeMarcus Ware NFL Captain's Patch

I found a fat Jumbo Pack Topps 2013 Football.  Check out what it is.

DeMarcus Ware
Topps 2013 Football Commemorative NFL Captain's Patch
Card No. NCP-DW

Pack Searching: Pinnacle Baseball 2013 Autographs

I found two more autograph from Pinnacle Baseball 2013.  I have pulled these two autograph before. Check it out.

Brock Holt
Rookie Autographs
Card No. BH

Rob Scahill
Rookie Autographs
Card No. RS

Pack Searching: Score 13-14 Hockey Scott Laughton Autograph

I found another Scott Laughton Hot Rookies Autograph.  I might have to check the checklist because I might have pulled all the autograph.  Check it out.

Scott Laughton
Hot Rookies Autograph
Card No. 644

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pack Searching: Topps Platinum Patch Autograph

I found two pack of Topps Platinum 2013 Football.  One was a Patch Autograph Veteran card. Check it out.

James Laurinatis
Three Color (White, Gold, Navy Blue) Autograph
Card No. AVP-JL

Collin Klein
Topps Platinum Autograph
Card No. A-CK

Pack Searching: Press Pass Football 2011 Akeem Ayers Auto

So I found a Press Pass Football 2011 Hot Pack from the bargain bin.  I search it and found a
autograph.  The sad part is that it was a redemption card.  These redemption card are weird, It is a football card but with a sticker stating that it is a redemption card.  I have to mail this card in with a 3"x5" index Card with my infromation.  But the offer expires on 3/31/2012.  So I am too late.  Now the question is: Are these pack worth buying? Well, check it out.

Akeem Ayers
Redemption Auto
Card No. PPS-AA

Pack Searching: Prizm 2013 Baseball Josh Johnson Auto

These new Prizm 2013 Baseball just came out and some of the stores have not stock them.  Today, I only found two boxes of these.  I only found one autograh.  Check it out.

Josh Johnson
Prizm Autograph
Card No. JJ

Pack Searching: Pinnacle Baseball 2013 Brock Holt Autograph

I found a Brock Holt autograph from Pinnaacle.  Check it out.

Brock Holt
Rookie Autographs
Card No. BH

Pack Searching: Score 13-14 Hockey More Same Copy of Autograph

I found two pack of Score 13-14 Hockey.  But they contain the autograph I have already pulled.  Check them out.

Jordan Schrdeder
Hot Rookies Autograph
Card No. 637

Stefan Elliott
Score Signatures
Card No. SS-SE

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013 Football Kenny Vaccard Autograph x2

I found two pack of Prestige 2013 Football.  The two pack has the same autograph.  Check it out.

Kenny Vaccard
Extra Points Autograph
Card No. 251

Pack Searching: Topps Allen & Ginter's Jumbo Pack! Two Relics

I found two Jumbo Pack! of Allen & Ginter's.  Both pack has a relic.  Check it out.

Ian Desmon
Card No. AGR-IDS

Cecil Fielder
Bat Relic
Card No. AGR-CF

Pack Searching: Basketball Value Box - Michael Jordan & Lebron James

I found two Value Box with two rare packs.  Check it out.

I pulled two autograph from these two Value Box.
Donald Williams
Rookies Autograph Edition

Here is what I pulled from the MJ & LJ packs.

Everything else in the box are just base.  But I did get one more MJ card.
Micheal Jordan
Upperdeck Jordan 23 Legacy
Card No. 14

I hope to find more of these pack.  There may be a chance I might pull a autograh.

Pack Searching: Day of Pack Searching

Today, I have all morning free to pack search.  So I dropped by a couple of retail stores.  Here is a picture of all the packs that I found.

Check back later to see what I pulled. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pack Searching: Bowman Chrome 2013 Football Dee Milliner Redemption

Everytime I am in a retail store I always have to search these Bowman Chrome 2013 Football.  Check out what I found.

Dee Milliner
Bowman Mini Autograph Redemption Card
Card No. 52B-DMI

Pack Searching: Pinnacle Baseball 2013 Tyler Cloyd Rookies Auto

Alright, now I have three copies of Tyler Cloyd Pinnacle Rookie Autographs.  Check it out.

Tyler Cloyd
Rookies Autographs
Card No. TY

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Ryan Mathews Future Franchise

I found a Ryan Mathews Futrue Franchise Fabrics from Score 2013 Football.  Check it out.

Ryan Mathews
Future Franchise Fabrics
Card No. FR-RM

Pack Searching: Topps Platinum 2013 Chris Harper Autograph BLUE

I found a Chris Harper Blue Refractor Parallel Autograph. Check it out.

Chris Harper
Topps Platinum Blue Parallel Autograph
Serial No. 79/99
Card No. A-CHA

Pack Searching: Prizm 2013 Baseball Review

Hi guys and gals, 

Here is a review of how each cards in this set look like.  It may help pack searching be easier.  Check out these cards I found.

Base Card:
Brycd Harper
Base Card 
No. 73

Base Card Rookies:
Andrew Taylor
Base Card Rookie
Card No. 225

Triple Crown Winner Card:
Miguel Cabrera
Triple Crown Winner
Card No. 305

Prizm Red Card:
Matt Kemp
Prizm Red
Card No. 42 Prizm

Prizm Green Card:
Asdrubal Cargrera
Prizm Green
Card No. 154 Prizm

Fearless Card:
Mike Trout
Card No. F4

USA Baseball:
Alex Gordon
USA Baseball
Card No. USA7

Rookies Challengers:
Shelby Miller
Rookie Challengers
Card No. RC8

Top Prospects:
Addison Russell
Top Prospects
Card No. TP8

Top Prospects Red:
Bubba Starling
Top Prospects Red
Card No. TP3

Band of Brothers:
Chase Utley - Roy Hallady - Ryan Howard
Band of Brothers
Card No. BB14

Rookies Autograph:

Didi Gregorius
Rookies Autograph
Card No. RDG

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pack Searching: WWE Dog Tags Christian's Ring Side Shirt

I found a Christian WWE Dog Tag.  Check it out.

WWE Dog Tags Ring Side Shirt (Blue)

Pack Searching: Score 13-14 Hockey Andy Miele Autograph

I found another Andy Miele from Score 13-14 Hockey. Check it out.

Andy Miele
Score 13-14 Hockey Signatures
Card No. SS-AM

Pack Searching: USA Baseball Champions 2013 Sonny Gray Autograph

I am still surprised that there are still these USA Baseball Champions Autograph.  Check out what I found.

Sonny Gray
USA Baseball Champions Autograph
Serial No. 138/620
Card No. SNY

Pack Searching: Random Value Boxes - SP 2008 Football

Sometime, when you are in a retail store and you searched through all the packs and could not find any HIT.  What do you do?  Now that has happen to me a lot and I started to pack search boxes that contains old packs.  There are these boxes that are only $7.99 and you get 4 packs and 50 cards plus Bonus.  So I tried to searched it.  I found one boxes that seem different from the rest so I decided to buy it.  50 cards was all base and there was no bonus.  I opened all the pack and I did get a HIT.  Check it out.

Quentin Demps 
SP Rookies Signatures 2008
Card No. 157

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Darius Slay (BLUE) Autograph

I like it when I searched the first pack and that pack contains a autograph.  That way I don't have to waste anymore time searching the other packs.  That is what happen today when I searched Score 2013 Football.  I found a autograph of Darius Slay in the first pack.  Check it out.

Darius Slay
Score 2013 Rookie Autograph
Card No. 342

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013 Football Marcus Davis Jets Auto

I found another Marcus Davis Extra Points Autograph from Prestige 2013 Football.  Check it out.

Marcus Davis
Extra Points Autograph
Card No. 259

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thrift Find: Texas Instruments TI-82 Calculator

Found another Texas Instruments TI-82.  Bought this for only for $6.99.  The item is working great. Check it out.

Texas Instruments 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thrift Find: Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus USED

I found this Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus at a Thrift Shop. This TI-84 Plus still look pretty new.  The condition is in Near Mint with minor scratches.  When I add in the batteries the TI-84 Plus started working.  All the button is in good shape.  I bought this item for only $9.99.  A Ti-84 Plus sells for $60 to $70 USED.  This item is in such a good shape I might keep for myself.  Check out the picture.

Texas Instruments
TI-84 Plus

Pack Searching: Topps Platinum 2013 Marcus Lattimore Black Reflector

Finally, a Shopko in my area decided to stock up some Topps Platimun 2013.  I have been waiting for a week.  When I noticed that the box was untouch, I did a quick search for a relic/autograph.  I found a pack which would contain a relic with a autograph.  I double check the pack and it was a decoy.  So I search through all other twenty-three packs and the last pack has to be the autograph.  FML.  Check out the autograph.  

Marcus Lattimore
Topps Platinum Black Reflector
Serial #: 007/150
Card No. A-ML

I have found so many Marcus Lattimore autograph this year.  But never had one with a Serial Number.  

Pack Searching: Topps 2013 Football Josh Gordon Authentic Memorabilia

I found a Brand New hanging box of Topps 2013 Football.  I did a quick search for the relic first and then try to search for a autograph.  But still no luck on the autograph.  Check out the relic.

Josh Gordon
Topps 2013 Football Relic (Black)
Card No. TR-JGO