Friday, February 28, 2014

Mail Day: Dustin Peterson Prizm Draft Picks 2013 Green Autograph

I have recieved a mail from Panini.  Check it out.

Dustin Peterson
Prospect Signatures
Card No. 13

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Magic Value Pack Kayvon Webster Redemption Card

Every local where I live has been dry lately.  There is no Hot Pack anywhere except Blaster box.  I don't search blaster box.  So, I dropped by Wal-Mart just to search some Topps Magic 2013 Football Value Packs.  After searching through a couple of Value Packs I did found one Hot Pack.  The Hot Pack contains a Redemption Card.  Check It out.

Kayvon Webster
Magic Autograph
Card No. 10

In the same pack there was this Mini Card.

Nico Johnson (Red)
Serial 47/50
Card No. 8


Mail Day: Topps Mailed Four Autographs

Today I recieved a pretty big package from Topps.  I was excited to open it.  So I ripped open and recorded for my YouTube Channel.  Check out what came in from Topps.

Lance McCullers
Prospect Autograph Refractor Parallel 
Serial No. 333/500
Card No. BCA-LM

Steve Smith
Auto Relic Prime V
Serial No. 066/200
Card No. PV-SS

Andre Ellington
Auto Relic Prime V
Serial No. 206/449
Card No. PV-AE

Andre Ellington
Auto Rookie Variation Copper Parallel
Serial No. 79/99
Card No. 119

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013-14 Basketball Another Marquis Daniels Autograph

I found an autograph Hot Pack from Prestige 2013-14 Basketball.  Open it up and it was another Marquis Daniels Autograph.  This is my third copy of this card.  Then I noticed that this is a Silver Parallel instead of a Red Parallel.  You can tell by the color of the Bonus Shots.  Check out the card.

Marquis Daniels
Bonus Shots Autograph
Card No. 13

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Football Four More Hot Packs

I was out of town for a event and found a Target that I have never been to.  I did not have much time so I searched Panini Contenders 2013 Football.  If found four autographs Hot Packs.  Not Bad.  I also searched the Prestige 2013-14 Basketball and found one Hot Pack (This will be in another post).   This is all I can search in the short amount of time that I had.  Check out the Panini Contenders 2013 Football.  

C.J. Anderson
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 116

Spencer Ware
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 184

Chris Harper
Rookie Autograph
Card No.118

D.J. Fluker
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 124

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football Brian Orakpo Autograph

I went to Target and there was only one new box of Topps Magic 2013 Football.  I searched and found one Hot Pack.  Check it out.

Brian Orakpo
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 89

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Corey Fuller BLUE Autograph

I went to Wal-Mart and found another Hot Pack of Score 2013 Football.  Check it out.

Corey Fuller
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 352

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pack Searching: Prestige 2013 Football Eric Reid Extra Point Autograph

I also found a Prestige 2013 Football Hot Pack.  Check it out.

Eric Reid
Extra Points Autograph
Card No. 232

Pack Searching: Score 2013 Football Darius Slay (Blue) Autograph

Finally, one of the retial store in my area decided to stock up some more cards.  That area has not stock up for one whole months.  While I was there looking around, they only stock Values Packs for Panini Contenders and Topps Magics.  Everything else they stock was some old stuffs.  So I check the Panini Contenders and Topps Magics and found nothing.  I checked Score 2013 Football and found two autograph.  Check it out.

Darius Slay
Score 2013 Rookie Autograph
Card No. 342

Travis Kelce
Score 2013 Rookie Autograph
Card No. 431

Pack Searching: Garbage Pail Kids Sketch Card

I been checking on these Garbage Pail Kids.  Never found a Sketch Card or a Autograph.  I have been watching Hot Pack opening on Youtube.  I even do some research to see how the sketch card would be different from the base.  So I waited until Grabage Pail Kids 2014 to be release.  When they are finally released at my local shop, I searched all the retail packs and found nothing.  I did more research and watch more Youtube video.  Went back and check all the retial packs again.  None.  Then I searched the Jumbo Pack and found a Zapata Sketch Card.  Check it out.

Zapata Sketch Card

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 4 More Autographs

I found four more Autographs from Panini Contenders 2013 Football.  This time I got some pretty good pulls.  Three short prints out of four.  Check it out.

Jamar Taylor
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 141

Kevin Minter
Rookie Autograph (SP)
Card No. 156

Jarvis Jones
Rookie Autograph (SP)
Card No. 143

Kerwynn Williams
Rookie Autograph (SP)
Card No. 159

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football 3 Autographs

I found more hot pack from Topps Magic 2013 Football.  I love these Topps Magic.  Last year was my favorite set and now I am finding tons more of these.  If I have time, I even search Value Packs.  Check out what I pulled.

Marquise Goodwin
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 81

Dion Sims
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 54

Brian Hartline
Topps Magic Autograph
Card No. 3

Pack Searching: Panini Prizm 2013 Basketball Scottie Pippen Auto MOJO

I stopped by a Target to pack search.  Everything was searched and I could not find any hit.  So I checked Panini Prizm 2013 Basketball.  I was surpised I found a Hot Pack.  Spend so much time and only one hot pack.  Check it out.

Scottie Pippen 
Prizm RED Autograph
Serial No. 5/5
Card No. 99

Just WOW, what a great hit.  Well worth it.  I checked eBay and only found the base autograph on eBay.  Those are selling for $90+.  There was none of the RED Prizm anywhere.  Which is not a surprise because there are only five made. 

Pack Searching: Pokemon XY Mega Blastoise EX

Hi guys, I am not sure how many people are into Pokemon these days, but back in the day I used to collect Pokemon.  I still have tons of cool cards that I used to collect.  Now, I am starting to collect them again.  This time around I am using some of my pack searching skills to see if I can find any holographic cards.  I remember I could never pull any holo cards and when I do I never traded because it is worth more to me then what the card is worth.  Here is what I found out of three packs.

Card No. 93/146

Now there is Fairy Type Pokemon.  Pretty neat.

Card No. 35/146

Mega Blastoise EX
Ultra Rare
Card No. 30/146

A nice Mega Blastoise EX for my collection.  I alway like to collect the three main pokemon.  

Not bad at all for my first three Pokemon XY packs.

Pack Searching: Panini Contenders 2013 Football 4 Autographs

I found four hot packs of Panini Contenders 2013 football.  There was two retail boxes and some Value Packs.  I searched the Value Packs and found two autographs.  Then I searched the retail box and found two more autographs.  I figured that the pack searcher found the other two autographs and left home not thinking that the box contains two autograph each.  Check out the autograph.

Ray Graham
Rookie Ticket Autograph (SP)
Card No.174

Jack Doyle
Rookie Ticket Autograph
Card No. 193

Dustin Hopkins
Rookie Ticket Autograph
Card No. 136

Nick Moody
Rookie Ticket Autograph
Card No. 199

Pack Searching: Topps Magic 2013 Football Ace Sanders & Chance Warmack

Well, finally back with some pack searching.  I have been out for about two weeks checking my local Targets and they have not stock up anything.  So this weekend I left out of town for an event and I managed to find room to pack search one Target.  Good news is that the pack searcher in this area left some hot pack behind.  There was two Topps Magic 2013 boxes.  The packs were mixed pretty well.  I went through it and found two autograph.  Check them out.

Ace Sanders
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 22

Chance Warmack
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 179

Not bad.  I also found four Hot Packs of Panini Contenders 2013 Football.  Those will be in another post.

If you have not figure it out yet, I do have a Youtube Channel on opening these hot packs.  You can watch me open these packs.  One pack searching tip is to watching someone open a hot pack can help you learn how to pack search that set.