Monday, January 26, 2015

Pack Searching: Panini Prizm 2014 Basketball 4 More Auto

I found four more Hot packs of Panini Prizm 2014 Basketball.  Nothing big but still four autographs.  Check them out.

T.J. Warren
Rookie Autograph (Green)
Card No. 99

Otto Porter
Autograph (Green)
Card No. 29

Jared Sullinger
Autograph (Green)
Card No. 56

and another....
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Autograph (Green)
Card No. 21

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 Road to WrestleMania More HIT

I went out looking for more WWE 2014 Road to WrestleMania pack.  If there are still WWE 2014 Road to WrestleMania pack at your local stores, then you should be searching them.  Why? because WWE trading cards worth a lot of money.  If you are not a WWE trading card collector you can still make money selling them.  Since each packs only cost $1.99.  I am a collector, so I will be keeping them unless I pull the same copy.  

Look what I found.

Billy Gunn
Authentic Shirt Relic (3 Color)

AJ Lee
Authentic WrestleMania Mat Relic

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pack Searching: Topps Platinum 2014 Football Value Pack "Redemption Card"

I found two hot pack from Topps Platinum 2014 Football Value Packs.  Redemption card are pretty easy to spot in Value Pack (if you know the secret to search them).  The only reason I don't like redemption card is the fact that it will take a long time just to recieve the cards from Topps.  There are some redemption card that I redeemed from last year that I have not recieve.  I mean it has been almost a year and still have not been mail out.  I guess I can not blame it on Topps when the players don't sign the sticker or the cards.  Anyway, I am still going to redeem the two redemption card I just found.  But first, check it out below.

Cody Latimer
Redemption Card
Card No. ARP-CL

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Redemption Card
Card No. 13

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pack Searching: Three more Hot Pack of Rookies & Stars 2014 Football

I found more hot packs from Rookies & Stars 2014 Football.  Seem like no one is searching these anymore.  Or maybe no one is buying them because most autographs is not worth the price of the pack.  Check out what I pulled.

Zack Martin
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 22/49
Card No. 200

Marion Grice 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 169

Lamarcus Joyner 
Rookie Autograph
Card No. 163

No bad, just the same players I pulled before.  Keep checking back for more.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pack Searching: Topps Strata 2014 Football

Well, Topps Strata has hit stores everywhere and I found six hot packs so far.  Each retail box only contain one autograph or one relic.  For me, I have found more relics then a autograph.  Check it out.

Andre Williams
Authentic Memorabilia (White)
Card No. SR-AW

Ka'Deem Carey
Authentic Memorabilia (Black)
Card No. SR-KC

Aaron Murray
Authentic Memorabilia (Red)
Card No. SR-AMU

Tom Savage
Authentic Memorabilia (White)
Card No. SR-TS

Blake Bortles 
Authentic Memorabilia (Black)
Card No. SR-BB

Jared Abbrederis
Rookie Autograph
Serial No. 09/99
Card No. 136

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 Road to WrestleMania MOJO HIT Again

I am out and pack searching again and this time looking for more WWE 2014 WrestleMania packs.  Well, my luck is back and I found two autographs.  Check out what I found.

Nikki Bella
Authentic Autograph

I noticed that her name was printed in Blue color.  I checked on eBay to see if the other copies are the same, but I they all look silver.  Anyway, great autograph to pull since Nikki Bella is still the Diva Champion.

Hulk Hogan
Authentic Autographs

Well, I found another Hulk Hogan autograph.  Not bad.

I also dropped by Toy "R" Us and I found a TNA 2010 The New Era Value Box.  The box guaranteed 1 autograph and 24 Exclusive TNA Trading Cards for only $14.99.  This is what the box look like.

They have about six of these.  So I decided to pick one up to see what is inside.  Check it out.

Christy Hemme
Official Autograph
Card No. A31

Not a bad hit.  Christy Hemme is a former WWE Diva and I believe she is still with TNA.  

Well, that is all for today, keep checking back for more WWE and TNA.  I might go back to Toy "R" Us to grab more of these TNA 2010 The New Era Box. 


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pack Searching: WWE 2014 Road to WrestleMania MOJO HIT

I found one hot pack of WWE 2014 Road to WrestleMania for $1.99.  Check out what is inside the pack.

Hulk Hogan
Authentic Autograph

What a nice card.  I believed Hulk Hogan sign it as "Hulkster".  Pretty cool card and a great hit for just $1.99.