Sunday, June 30, 2013

Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus (Used) Sold

So my first thrift shop find was a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus (Used).  
Here is a picture in case you have not seen it yet:

I bought it for $4.99 and hoping to sell it for $30.00.  

Today, I sold the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus (Used) for $29.99 with $4.99 shipped.  Made some profit.  That did not take long at all. Hope to find more in the near future.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Packing Searching USA Baseball Champions Part 2

After searching the 2013 Bowman Chrome Football, I headed for the USA Baseball Champion.  I searched through the box.  I found 2 relic and 1 redemption autograph.

here are the Relic:
Kevin Gausman
Game Gear #11 (Black Jersey)

Matt Purke
Game Gear #54 (Grey Jersey)

and the redemption card:
Robbie Grossman
Stars and Stripes Signatures #41

These are great looking cards.  I will redeem the code and post up the picture when I receive the card.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pack Searching: Football Bowman Chrome 2013

This week I am out of town visiting family.  Since I am in a different town, I woke up early just to make sure I can stop by a target to pack search before the day start.  When I got to target, every packs seem like they were search.  I double checked them all and yes they were search.  The only box I did not search was the 2013 Football Bowman Chrome because there is only one Autograph or Relic in the box.  The box was missing about 5 packs.  So I did not bother because I believe the Hit was already gone and did not want to use time on it.  I left target without buying anything.  

At the end of the day after hanging with my family, I have one hour before target close.  There was one target close by my parent's house.  So I stop by.  I checked the value packs of Football Bowman Chrome and found two autographs.  I was surprise that I found two.  I still have time to search the box of Bowman Chrome.  So i debated for a while and decide to search it.  There was only 3/4 of the pack left and my hope was gone thinking that the autograph or relic was gone.  But after searching two packs, I noticed that the pack search was looking for a autograph and not the relic.  This clue mean that there was no relic in this box.  So after 5 packs I found the autograph.  Sweet.  

Here is the first autograph I pulled from the Value Pack.
Samuel McGuffie
NFLPA Collegiate Bowl #16 Autograph

Second Autograph from Value Pack.

Philip Lutzenkirchen
RCRA-PL Bowman Chrome Autograph

The third autograph from the retail pack.
Stedman Bailey
RCRA-SB Bowman Chrome Gold Serial 63/75

These are nice looking autograph and all these are going straight into my autograph binder.  I also found more cool stuff from USA Baseball Champion.  Those Hit will be post up later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pack Searching 2012 Crown Royale Football

While in the same store that I searched the USA Baseball Champions, I found some Value Pack of 2012 Crown Royale.  There was only five packs and I was surprise that there was a Relic card in one of those packs.  

So I bought it,

Stephen Hill - Jets
Rookie Royalty Relic Die-Cut #33

The card was nice looking.  I already have one like this but with a green jersey.  So I will just keep the green jersey card and sell this one.  I am more into color jersey then white jersey. 

Pack Searching: USA Baseball Champions

Today I drop by Target and decided to do some pack searching.  There was a box of USA Baseball Champions.  The box was half empty but I search it anyway.  I noticed the box has been search by another pack searcher because all the tick pack was on top.  After going through the box, I found two hot pack.  One was a Jersey Card and the other was a Autograph.

Here is the Jersey Card:

Brady Rodgers
Game Gear Jersery #5
eBay: Around $2.00
Pack Cost: $2.99

Even if this card was only worth $2.00 on eBay.  It was still a nice looking card for my collection.  Not sure if I will sell it or not.

Next is the autograph card:

David Nick
Stars & Stripes 827/971 Auto Card #: DNI
eBay Sold: $2.00
Pack Cost: $2.99

On eBay, this card only sold for $2.00 with $2.00 Shipping.  That is not high at all for a autograph, but this card fit just fine in my autograph collection binder.  I alway like to keep my autograph cards that I found.

First Thrift Shop Find.

So today I drop by three thrift shop and this is what I found.

Taxas Instruments TI-83 Plus (Used)
Bought for: $4.99
In eBay going for $30.00.

The item was in pretty good shape.  The only problem is the previous owner likes to put sticker on this Texas Instruments TI-83.  When I got home I  put in 4 AAA batteries and the TI-83 Plus was working great.  This was a good fine.  Now the next step is to see if I can sell this item for $30.

Here is a little math if the item sell for $30.

Selling: $30.00
Bought for: $4.99
4 AAA Batteries: about $3.99 (I like to include batteries, customers like it more)
Profit: $21.02
After eBay fees, my Profit may be around $18.  

I think this is a good item to look for.

I also found this:

Energizer Charging Armor for Nintendo 3DS (Brand New)
Bought it for: $3.99 
eBay: Around $9.99

I found so many of these.  But I only bought two because one is for me to use and the other is to test if it will sell on eBay.  There are still a lot of these item floating around. So I hope I can get rid of it at $9.99.  If not, I can alway have two for my 3DS.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This blog will be about showing my Hot Find.  What do i mean by Hot Find?  Hot Find are items that I find that can either be sell for higher price or put in my collection.  The last couple of month I have been studying on items such as sport cards, trading cards, toys, to electronic items.  Learning that these items can worth more then what it is.

For sport cards, I have seen so many pack searcher online, I have studied to pack search.  Hope this information will help me find some cool stuff.

Trading cards will be stuff like Yugioh, Pokemon, WOW, Magic, etc.  All the gaming and trading card there is.  How to find hot stuff in these are the same method a pack searcher use to search sport cards.

Toys and Electronic items can be anything.  Those are mostly be found in garage sales or thrift shop.

This blog will help me keep track of all my find.